New year's resolutions

Well, in with the new year. This year is a little bit of an inflexion point for me, I believe. It’ll be interesting to see where it goes. I’m resolved to continue what little writing I do, since I do feel the practise, if nothing else, is beneficial. This is notwithstanding the journal I wish to keep (and often do) detailing my work at uni. I’d also like to increase my reading, both recreational and professional (I’m talking whole books, here). But obviously all of these things come at the cost of time, and to compensate there’s a bunch of things to do to make up this time that is currently lost. Primarily, less random reading on the internet, which is generally unproductive although very time-consuming (albeit interesting at the time).

I’d also like to be more structured in my work, and not to procrastinate during the day to enable me to leave uni at decent times during the week. Something which I haven’t done today.

The reason I’m writing these here is to embarrass myself later; we’ll see how that goes. Over the holiday I read a whole bunch of interesting stuff; I’m hoping to summarise more thoughts on the matters here in the following days.

You’ll have to excuse my dear diary entries such as these. I either need to write them to force myself to think about such matters or they are just another form of procrastination to keep myself at uni for longer. Probably both. I had meant to write some about the things I’ve read over the holidays, but that will have to wait, til next time.

Oh, I almost forgot. While on the subject I should talk of new year’s resolutions; I also would like to eat less, exercise more, and drink alcohol more often but in smaller quantities. I think the reasons behind them should be fairly self evident, except (if you know me) the eating less part. I’m only 57kg, or something (maybe about 120lb), so it’s not my weight I’m worried about. It’s just that I’m sick of feeling full; I’ve also been known, in the past, to eat to much. So no more of that, and off we go. Nice to meet you, 2006.