Gartenberg's iPod vs. Zune podcast

I was just going to link this in del.ici.ous, but I wanted to make a couple of comments on it. Someone has interviewed Michael Gartenberg on Microsoft’s Zune, and I actually listened to the podcast “Analyst Doubts Zune Will Include Gaming”. (Dumb title.) I reckon this Michael guy’s pretty clue-y.

First thing’s first: don’t you reckon the girl in the beginning of the podcast sounds exactly like the radio morning broadcast at the beginning of “The Journeyman Project”? (Okay, that’s a memory from circa 1994, so it might be a little hazy. P.S. I never got anywhere in that game. I was lame at age 13.)

Way to go off-topic. Secondly: Podcasts suck for listening to when trying to do other stuff at the same time. But who wants to listen to them tomorrow when I’m walking to work? Transcripts are so the way to go. Video blogging, on the other hand, might have something to it. Ha.

Oh, so what about that Gartenberg guy? Great points, to sum it up:

  • Microsoft can only differentiate themselves by adding things like wireless and satellite radio.
  • Users don’t care for such niche stuff.
  • Steve Jobs is always one big step ahead.

Frankly, I’m appalled that Microsoft’s being so blatant about the whole thing (come on, competing against your partners? That’s so immoral), and Gruber, as usual, has it right on the nose.