No content or no comment

In the distant future I would like to write things here that people actually found useful, helpful, interesting, or simply related to. In the meantime, I’d be deluding myself if I thought I’d written much of value over the last few years. Kind of feeling like haven’t been, well, consuming the sorts of things that I’d like to write about here.

However, I do read rather voraciously most days, mostly stuff that isn’t directly useful to either my work or my play. Probably spend too much time on it, to be honest. If you’d like to read along with me, for those of you who don’t already, please, take a look:


On a related note, if you’d like to read my middling thoughts over on Twitter, I guess that’s better than nothing.

One day, and I really do mean one day, I intend to collect these fractured views of me into a single place. Not that I know how that would help things any.