An abbreviated "git log"

I’ve been getting more into (the version control system) Git as I’ve worked more on LaTeX3 code (mostly though git-svn, although I’m also using Git for my PhD work).

Here’s an alias that quickly calls up a one-per-line list of recent commits:

    recent = log --pretty=oneline --abbrev-commit -n 10

Update June 2010: I now use the following, which reports all of the commits made since the last push to the remote origin/master:

git log --oneline origin/master..HEAD

I find this much more useful in getting my head back on track after coming back to some code that I've been playing with but haven't made public yet. (End update.)

Add this to your .gitconfig file. Then call git recent to get a quick overview of what’s been going on recently. Saves calling up GitX when you just want to remember what’s going on.

Output looks like:

$ git recent
462e945 set_pTF for l3io
ccf25cf set_pTF for l3box
48c9f59 Rename \prg...nonexpandable to \prg...unexpandable
cccc41a \prg_set_pred.. improved
8bca027 New version of cs_generate_variant

Git is nice (but intimidating) in that it allows you to make all these friendly modifications but you need to get some pointers on using it all.