First day of the rest of my life

I realised it’s almost the end of March and I haven’t actually done anything yet this year. Actually, I’ve been very optimistic recently about my PhD, stemming from thoughts from earlier in the year.

I mentioned that I felt I was in an inflexion point at the beginning of the year. Well, now’s the time I’m actually ramping out of that. It’s very early days still, but I feel like I’m so close to being really productive I can just about reach it.

But I lament the fact that I haven’t been writing as much here. In the above link I wrote that I had meant to summarise my readings over the holidays, and now that time is so far away I can’t even remember the feelings that I had. There’s no feedback there, and we all know that feedback loops are what improves things.

So it’s not just enough to write. It’s also important to read what you write, maybe every day, or maybe every week. In the meantime, I’m off to try and self-motivate myself, back to where it all began.

So what am I going to be trying to do? Well, that which I always have struggled with: regularity. In everything, silly; not the “regular” associated with poo. And in the end, I might end up like this guy. Damn. Imagine having the self-discipline to learn to be able to sleep in half hour blocks six times a day. Only. That’s a lot of extra time that could be spent doing stuff. (It works for him; anecdotally, it appears that not many people succeed in polyphase sleep.)

And with that, I’m off to start my first day of the rest of my new life. Wish me luck.