MarsEdit improvements

So, due to Brent’s pre NetNewsWire 2.1 special, I bought the NNW+MarsEdit combo. I gave up NewsMac Pro after it died on me. Sorry Rory; but I’ll continue to check your new stuff out.

MarsEdit in the past I’ve had trouble with. Apparently that’s in the past, now, posting here worked first time. [Actually, I’ve had quite some difficulty, but if you’re reading this then it’s been overcome.] I’ve got some suggestions:

  • <return> should open posts in the main window.
  • “Delete Post” should have a menu item and a shortcut.
  • Markdown integration. Oh, I just found it for the Preview window. In that case, I want Markdown and SmartyPants.
  • I notice that keeping the Preview window open is quit performance intensive, even with “Live Preview” turned off.
  • I’d like to be able to hide the “Weblog” panel when editing posts. I do have only one weblog, after all. There’s no reason it shouldn’t be a toolbar item. [Update: actually, after looking at things a bit more, it seems likely that this pane is more useful when using other blogging software.]
  • “Save to draft” is slower than I’d expect.

All in all, I’m very happy the app is usable without having toolbars. I like to hide my toolbars as much as possible. It all began when Mail.app’s toolbars made me want to vomit, and now I like my windows austere.

Anyway, I should be working. Let’s see what happens when I try to post this after its been written in Markdown. Preview looks as it should, so I expect it’ll work like a charm…

…but that’s not the case. My ultimate suggestion for MarsEdit improvements, then, is to be able to write, preview, and post in text written with Markdown. And SmartyPants, don’t forget. That’s as essential, for smaller reasons. Anyway, I’ve written a script to do all this myself, and these are the results.