Brown rice

Brown rice is pretty awesome. It’s, like, tastier than white rice and better for you. So here I am, waiting to eat some…but the damn stuff takes so much longer to cook!

Anyway, while I wait, here’s my rice recipe. Easiest thing ever, really.

  • Half a cup of rice per person
  • Put in saucepan, add a dash of oil
  • Fry until it’s hot and water added sizzles
  • If white rice, add twice the volume of water as rice to the pot
  • if brown, add thrice
  • Stir the rice so it settles evenly under the water
  • Heat on high until it boils
  • Reduce heat so it’s not going to burn (but still bubble) and wait
  • Eventually, the rice will soak up all the water
  • Eat a little to check it's soft and not crunchy. This is very important. Add more water if the rice is not soft
  • When cooked, if desired, stir through butter for extra deliciousness

I’m pretty keen on rice, but I don’t eat it enough. I wonder if mine’s ready yet now…