iTunes' bugs revisited

Damn, running kills you. Well, at least me. I’m tired out, sweaty, and I’ve sore ankles, but actually I guess I feel kind of alright. Now, if that wasn’t the prime example of me changing my mind within a single paragraph…

Anyway, after a week and half of neglect, or something, I’m distracted enough to put together some more thoughts for nobody’s reading pleasure. Structured life, structured life—I’ll get it eventually.

I need to keep better notes of my ideas. There’s few rolling around in there, but this article is a follow up from my previous round of iTunes complaints.

Actually, I just realised that this isn’t allowed, because replies from Apple are under non-disclosure. Hopefully they don’t get too mad at me for that Preview/aliases bug from a while back.

Anyway, let’s just say that I came to the realisation that things like song lyrics and album art for a CD are copyrighted material, and hence cannot be automatically downloaded by one of Apple’s programs. They are trying to act nice with the music industry, after all.

Also, the issue of multiple metadata has been around for ages now (at least, I’m sure my idea wasn’t original) so I’m sure that someone’s bound to have requested it from Apple before now…

Finally, let’s say that iTunes’ developers and I will have to agree to disagree both on the location of the iTunes folder within the users’ library (contrary to what’s said in Apple’s own developer documentation), and to the intelligence of the user when they are trying to edit every item implicitly selected in the Browse pane. (“Thank you for your feedback. We are constantly looking for ways to acknowledge your presence while actually ignoring you.”)

I’m keen on this 10.4.3 update. So I’ve heard, the slow PDF rendering times that has made Tiger very underwhelming for me are gone! (The majority of my work on my PowerBook is with PDFs generated by (Xe)TeX) Mac OS X 10.3 performance is back again. Well, so I’m expecting.

Before I go, let me express my happiness about the Australian iTunes Music Store (that also sells Video). I’ve bought one whole song (Dualing Banjos, because it’s an absurd choice), but I’ve already noticed that the store itself is a bit clunky inside the iTunes window itself. That whole search field at the very top of the window is totally unintuitive. Move it down next to the Sign In button, please.

Ciao for now.