Two more (small) iTunes complaints

Find menu item

There is no menu item for “Find”, so the keyboard shortcut cannot be customised with System Preferences. I thought it was wrong to make the keyboard shortcut for “Find” CMD-OPT-F, but Apple has a special mention of “search fields” in the HIG. Problem #4333508.

iTunes zoom behaviour not “ideal”

Problem #4333522:


  • When the option key is held down, iTunes’ green zoom button behaves normally; that is, (quoting the Keyboard Shortcuts document from iTunes’ Help menu) used to “zoom the window to an ideal size”. In the iTunes Music Store, the page width can often be quite wide. OPT+Zoom should enlarge the window size to fit the width of the iTMS content, but it does not. This is not “ideal”.

Steps to Reproduce:

  • Open iTunes
  • Make the window a comfortable size on screen, maybe around 800x600 pixels or thereabouts.
  • Switch to the iTunes Music Store. Note that horizontal width of the store doesn’t fit in the window.
  • Hold down option and click the green zoom button of the iTunes window, or select “Zoom” from the Window menu.

Expected Results:

  • The window should enlarge to the minimum width such that there is no horizontal scroll bar.

Actual Results:

  • The window hasn’t enlarged itself sufficiently to completely contain the content of the iTMS; there is still a horizontal scroll bar visible.