Who the hell thought of disk images for downloading applications? Who on earth wants to copy the file they just obtained from the desktop to their “real” hard drive?


Why the hell would I want to buy a single track from the iTunes Music Store, when I’m not subsidised if I then decide I like it and want the whole album?


Why on earth has it taken Apple so long to fix the Finder, and to improve iTunes, when Bibdesk’s exciting-ness took two part time hackers three weeks to code?


Why are all mobile phones annoying to use? And why can’t they download the time from their towers so I don’t have to set them manually and inaccurately? And why can’t predictive text pre-empt me? (Actually, I’ve seen some phones that can. But I call copyright on “pre-emptive text”, “preemptive text” and “preĆ«mptive text” :) )