A brief foray into consistent sleeping

This is a short note, since I shouldn’t be spending extra time, to discuss my temporarily new sleeping arrangements.

It was always my plan before trying out polyphasic sleep to practise some self-discipline and learn how to get up at the same time every day. Well, three days in and it’s still working :). I’ve been getting up at 7am each day, which is pretty substantial for me, and while I feel that my days have been less productive, for now I’m taking that as another hurdle to get over.

So how have I managed to stay away while rising so early? Lots of naps. It’s my precursor to polyphasic sleep. I’m feeling especially now I’ve been napping occasionally for over a week now that they improve my wakefulness substantially in only 10 to 25 minutes. Sometimes I don’t even go to sleep, but for whatever reason the relaxing and closing of eyes and letting thoughts wander is recuperative by itself.

Anyway, you’re not exactly interested in hearing this. Suffice it to say that I’m taking the first steps to stabilise and organise my waking life.