Updates soon to Omniweb

There’s a new OmniWeb soon! Based on new WebKit makes it really a very significant update.

I gave up using OmniWeb a little while ago, and coincidentally started using it again this week. After removing the bulk of my music to a crappy Windows box (don’t get me started), I actually have disk space now and my PowerBook can swap its little heart away without beginning to corrupt my data (uh, I read that once; I assume it’s true that one of the flaws of HFS+ is this).

Remembering tabs again is a god-send (I never got into Safari plug-ins); the reduced horizontal space is not quite so good. Between NetNewsWire (yes, I bought it; sorry NewsMac Pro — I’ll revisit you in the future) and OmniWeb, I feel rather cramped. Honesty though, if NNW improved its browser just a little bit (don’t ask me how), I’m not even sure I’d need OmniWeb.

That might be a lie. I’m not really sure any more.