Life pushing me along

Well, here I am. The last few weeks have been a bit crazy. Not so much that what’s going on has been overwhelming. Just that I feel like its been a bit of a singularity of sorts.

Toni had been looking for places for us to live in time for moving out by July at the latest. Nowhere we applied for was interested in us, presumably due to the fact that we were only applying to nice places with lots of competition.

But then on a whim we decide to check out a place outside of the CBD, an extra 10–15 minutes walk, and we’re accepted straight away. One of those occasions that you could link to fate if you believed in it. So moving’s not fun, right? Well, the week we had to was incredibly busy for us both with big things requiring submission (grant proposal and conference paper, respectively) by that Friday.

The universe had transpired to place us right in the middle of a convolution of events that were all directly related to us but that we had no influence over. Just had to do it. When you think about it, most of life is like that, too — just not as obvious while its happening.

While all this has been happening, I’ve been looking fairly deeply into polyphasic sleep. The last few weeks have been a time of great change for me and, for whatever reason, I’ve suddenly discovered the knack of waking up in the morning. It’s been seven working days in a row now that I’ve woken at 7am punctually. Last week saw my transition period into a more organised waking life, although my efficiency wasn’t too great.

And with the feeling that I can actually effect changes to my sleeping schedule, I’m confident about trying to achieve a polyphasic schedule starting from this long easter weekend. I just hope I’m not rushing things too much, especially given Toni’s disapproval of the whole thing. We can but wait and see.