Cocoalicious fun and interface adjustments

When I first came across Cocoalicious, I didn’t really get it. I didn’t really get del.icio.us, either. These things can take time, I suppose. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out that link on the right “del.icio.us list links”, which takes you to everything that I’ve been reading that I find interesting. But didn’t see fit to comment on here in more detail.

Cocoalicious is a Mac OS X client for del.icio.us, which allows nice things like hitting a keyboard shortcut while browsing to upload a link in one easy step, as well as providing a nice browser for all the links with their tags. Did I mention tags? I like metadata.

Anyway, I was bored and decided to play around with the interface a little, since, as it’s a Cocoa app with an easily editable interface, it was easy to do just that. Here’s the original: (click for full size)

I guess my biggest beef was the brushed metal. Too much wasted space around the edges. And truth be told, given the small amount of time spent doing the revamp, there’s more stuff that could be removed. But overall I’m pretty pleased with the result:

Oh, and I didn't like those non-removeable buttons (non-removeable in the interface, that is); keyboard shortcuts are totally the way to go.