MarsEdit 1.1 improvements

Dear Brent,

Here’re a few improvements that I feel could be made to MarsEdit. Thanks for listening.

  • Posts selected in the main view should be opened on hitting <return>/<enter>.
  • Posts selected in the main view should be deleted on hitting <delete> with a warning or <shift>+<delete> without a warning.
  • In fact, there needs to be a “Delete post” to bind that keyboard shortcut to and allow the possibility of user customisation via System Preferences.
  • If a “Open current post in weblog” option were technically feasible, it’d be great (“Open in Browser” for Blogger at least only goes to the main page of the weblog). I understand if it can’t be done, although I’d be a little surprised.
  • Option to remove the MarsEdit scripts menu. I’m more than happy with FastScripts (keyboard shortcuts for per-app scripts! In the free version!) or even Apple’s own scripts menu, thanks.
  • The Preview pane doesn’t remember my ‘Formatting’.
  • ‘Formatting’ in the Preview pane should allow Markdown+SmartyPants.
  • I’d like the ability to post through a filter, as I’ve implemented in my “Markdown and post” applescript. But this isn’t essential, since Applescript can do it for me…
  • The ability to search through posts by title/content would be sublime.

More as they come, I suppose. Thanks for this great app.