WebnoteHappy bookmarking

Found a link to the new WebnoteHappy application in my feeds this morning. It looks quite nice, but I’m not going to bite.

So what does this app do? You get browser-independent bookmarking, del.icio.us integration, and a more complex organisation scheme than either Cocoalicious or Yojimbo. It’s certainly worth a look, although I feel US$25 is slightly on the high side for an app of this type. My real hope is that OmniWeb integrates a nice bookmark browser like this, but to be perfectly honest, I’m pretty happy with Cocoalicious and Omniweb at the moment. I’m simply not organised enough to file bookmarks as carefully as this app requires.

The one thing I miss with del.icio.us is the limited description you’re allowed. If I could be bothered, though, I’d file more rigourously in Omniweb for this functionality.

Great name, though, and I hope the release is successful. There’s a lot of room in the software space of keeping a store of information based on web browsing, I feel.